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How to Do the Ridiculous

I couldn’t wait to start coaching! It was 15 years ago, and after a bewildering two years of trying to figure out how to support myself and my three children, I heard the words “corporate coach,” and I knew that … Continue reading

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Are you sick and tired of the pink poodles in the office?

Do you lay in bed, unable to sleep, thinking about the people at your workplace who seem to get by (very well) either by doing absolutely nothing or (worse yet) by preventing everybody else from getting anything done? There is a … Continue reading

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I got married by mistake!

By mistake? Oh, well maybe everyone does that. But mine was a grammatical error. Let me explain. It is 1988. I am teaching English 1A to adults pretending to study English. They are actually in my class to obtain and maintain … Continue reading

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Numbers Made My Head Hurt

Once a month my husband got really grouchy. He had BPS (Bill Paying Syndrome). He would sit at the dining room table with bills and envelopes spread all around and call out to me in a voice tinged with suspicion, asking … Continue reading

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The Magic Question that Works Every Time

How to Find Your Core Message and Turn a Simple Story into a Spellbinding Speech! “I need a life balance coach.” I said in jest (or so I thought) as I introduced myself on a tele-seminar I was delivering to … Continue reading

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How to Get More Customers than You Want

When I was young, I just hated having to do the girl thing. I imagined how I would act if I were a boy. I’d spot a girl, tell her she was beautiful, ask for her phone number, pick her up … Continue reading

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How to be a Speaker with No Speeches

Be careful what you wish for! When I decided to become a professional speaker my plan was to fly around the country and speak about…I didn’t know…. whatever was on my mind! I told my coach about my new goal … Continue reading

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The Power of Negative Thinking!

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life (the second half, that is)… I would be a speaker! I had heard a cassette of a motivational speaker and thought “I could do that!”. It was 10 years … Continue reading

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Plan to fail!

How do you achieve success? You plan to fail! When I began my coaching career my fall back plan (the plan that just had to work) if I did not succeed in becoming a coach (or anything else) was to … Continue reading

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How to Be Irresistibly Attractive… to Everyone!

What’s the one thing you need to know about selling, networking and… dating? Let’s start with dating. When a man wants a woman to go out with him what does he do? He flatters her (telling her he likes her … Continue reading

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